Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Swap Package Monday....

Like many others, I do NOT like a Monday. But yesterday was different. As I parked in the driveway I spied a package on my porch. Ya-hoo!!! I knew it was from LeeAnn - my Pink and Green swap partner. And I couldn't wait to get into it. I tried to take my time opening each package - wrapped so nice in twine and ribbons with tags attached - but it was sure hard to be patient. I was glad I was all alone. My daughter would have said "WHAT is wrong with you...tearing into that like you're 6 years old?!!??!!"
I've decided that LeeAnn and I have met - we just don't know it - because she sent things "with my name written all over them" as we say. I absolutely love it all!
S - Soaps
Handmade by her aunt, with a wonderful minty fragrance! My daughter is already begging me for a cake of it.
P - Pillow
Embroidered and handmade by LeeAnn - I saw this cow on her blog once and just loved it and canNOT believe I have one now. She also made a pillow form case to go with it. Love it, love it.
R -Remnants
These are the perfect size to do small handmade items with. I began cutting a few last night to try my hand at one of the doll quilts I keep seeing at turkey feathers and other blogs. As soon as I saw the colors I knew that's what I would do.
I - "I really love this plate/platter" LeeAnn said. And so do I! I'm finding a special place and use for this.
N - Notepads, Notecards, Notebooks.
As LeeAnn said, you can't have too many of any of these 3 things. And I know I'll use each one of them.
G - Green Felted Flower Pin
This is soooo pretty. The picture does NOT do this justice. LeeAnn made this from a thrifted sweater and she put a large pearl ball-type button in the center. This pin will travel back and forth between my off-white cape and my off-white purse. I can't wait to use it!
This is my first swap and LeeAnn's also. I love everything she sent and I hope she will like what I've sent. (My package should be at her door today.)
Thanks again LeeAnn.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm still trying to figure this out!

It's pretty pitiful to finally create a blog and then let it sit there for a full week before adding to it again...but...that's what I did. Not intentionally of course. I did just enter a list of blogs I read but you would NOT believe how long that took.I just haven't known how to create this and haven't had the time to try for a long period of time - plain and simple. However, I do seem to have had time to read all of the other blogs I so enjoy. Pitiful - just pitiful!

I took a photograph last night of some fabric I received in the mail yesterday from fabriclovers.com and I canNOT for the life of me get the picture transferred to this, but I WILL do it. It might be after the skirt is made but I WILL do it. I love this fabric! Julie had made a skirt out of it and I just had to have that fabric but I couldn't find it on any of the online shops I buy from, so I emailed julie and she so kindly replied that I could get it at fabriclovers.com. I really enjoyed dealing with those folks. Sabra at fabriclovers.com went out of her way to try to contact me about a less expensive shipping option which I thought was fantastic customer service. The fabric is so pretty. I can't wait to make something from it.

I'm still getting my items together for the Pink and Green Swap. This is my first swap and LeeAnn is my swap partner, and I'm getting excited.

Well, I'm going to hit 'publish' now and see what happens!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I can't believe I've done it!

I have a blog!!! Who would've thought!! Thank you LeeAnn for the extra push you've given me. Did you sense my fear? You would not believe how brainless I am on a computer - other than checking emails and searching the internet. Just wait until I can REALLY do something on this blog........Katie....bar the door!!!