Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feathering The Nest

I've been feathering the nest with purses lately... oodles of them.

I was blessed with an abundance of local orders just after my last post. This brown and blue combination was the most requested order.

I had to order more of both fabrics just to fill the orders for that one and I made so many with those fabrics that one night I dreamed about some kind of family gathering and everybody in the dream was wearing clothing made of those two fabrics! There was no conversation in the dream, only smiles and silent laughter. Creepy! I think I've see this fabric toooooo much. I didn't think I dreamed in color...until that dream. I'm now preparing for our "Spring Fling" this weekend where my sister and I will have a craft tent. It's my first time selling at Spring Fling and I'm really excited about it. I've decided that even if our weather isn't that great I will enjoy myself!

While my nights and weekends have been spent crafting, I've spent my days working my regular job while watching this little wonder. (I don't know what that cord goes to but with water on the left and my door/office on the right I don't think it looks very safe. 'Em.)

The geese are nesting and this little lady is just outside of my door.

And SO is her husband!

He didn't like me at first, but when I realized I had to unlock my door every morning like lightnin' and move away from the mother of his babies, he quit squawking and coming over to my railing.

He's there every morning though as if he's counting the seconds it takes me to get in the door.

"You've got 8 steps to your door lady. I'll give you 8 seconds or I'm comin' over there!"

Once a day he talks her off the nest...

...and they go for a dip...staying within 3' of the eggs.

This love is so sweet!