Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Goodies and Wrappings

I commented to someone earlier that my posting was just pitiful, and that it is! Not intentionally though. I haven't progressed quite as much as I wanted to over the last week so I don't have any newly completed projects to show yet. I do have these little goodies I received over the weekend that brought a big smile to my face...

I love Jenn Maruska's needlebooks and pincushions. I had ordered a needlebook from her a month or so ago and when my mother fell in love with it I gave it to her. This comes in so handy for me and it just makes you kind of happy when you pick it up. Jenn is so easy to work with. She changed a little something for me on this and I couldn't be happier with it.

This mason jar pincushion is from LeeAnn over at MintBasil. She has opened an Etsy shop and is a productive little crafter! LeeAnn and I were swap partners in the Pink and Green swap and it was the first swap for both of us so we were both a bit nervous I think. But it turned out fantastic and I'm an avid reader of her blog. She's creative, talented and really gets things done - which I am probably the most envious of. She was a fairly new blogger when the swap began and helped me make the jump to blog also.

She also sent me this pretty embroidered zipper pouch she made from thrifted fabric. The outer fabric is from a linen dress she thrifted and the inner fabric is from a thrifted sheet. (The embroidery she did of course.) How great is that?!! I really like this pouch - it's already in my purse holding my H&B ("health and beauty" per the teenager). I love it LeeAnn. Thank you so much!

One more thing I wanted to say about these orders I received...their packaging is so fun and exciting! (Jenn recently wrote about packaging here by the way.) Both Jenn and LeeAnn take time to wrap the items so nice. Jenn uses colorful paper and included candy and a note. LeeAnn wraps her goods with paper and twine, which reminds me of the "mercantile" days, and she ties on a vintage earring to the twine. This came tied to my package.

I thought that added the cutest touch. I wish I had taken time to get the camera out and take photos before I opened my packages Saturday, but I didn't even think about that until it was too late. I do appreciate the time and effort put into the wrappings though. It's just such a great little addition. The wrapping is something I've thought about for a while now, so I ordered these to add with anything I make and sell. I hadn't seen anything like this before but I can't wait to get them. I'll post about them when they come in.


Jenn Maruska said...

Thank you so much for including my sewing book set in your post : )

I love your Memorial Day post - I found alot that I could relate to. Esp. how in my college days I could go for a night (or two!) without sleeping, and now I can't seem to manage those all-nighters.

Your patchwork tote is lovely! And it's so fun to have a little story about each of the fabrics that you've used : )

Thanks again!

Vallen said...

Lovely bits you've gotten lately. I always have to remind myself that the wrapping is part of the fun. I tend to just shove things in a box.

Lucy said...

You did get lots of goodies this week. I've read about Jenn's wrapping and agree that adding those special touches really do make the world of difference. Unfortunately I'm like Vallen and tend to shove things in a box and seal it up! No more...I'm a changed woman!

I'm glad to hear you and your partner from the last swap are still connecting! Making friends through swaps are one of the best perks :)


LeeAnn said...

I had never seen those stars before. They are cute!

I am glad you liked the packaging. I want the person to receive it to feel like they are getting a present, even though they know what they bought. I have a ton of mismatched clip on earings so I thought they added something unexpected to the gift.

I am glad you liked it!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Fun stuff--I like that you had to order another JennMaruska set because your Mom had to have the first one! lol She does make such cute things!

I just went through and read all your previous posts. I think your patchwork is very nice, and that tote is adorable! I had to laugh about the staying up all night and flying by the seat of your pants too--same here! Things do change so!

You have a very fun to read blog--and I'm adding you to my blog list right away!!

Smiles, Karen

comfortable said...

Receiving stuff in the mail is just awesome. I hope you get your stars soon!!

Trying Momma said...

Forgive me Dinah I have no idea how to reply to your comments that arrive to me via email - I can't believe you have the Beth Moore workbook! How crazy is that? Would you mind shooting me an email with your address so I can reply to you?
Best always

Christina said...

I have to agree. I've purchased from both Jenn and LeeAnn and I think they're both wonderful!